Toronto Tourist Activities

Toronto Pearson Airport is the main air gateway for the city of Toronto and its surrounding metropolitan areas, and is found approximately 22.5km northwest of Downtown Toronto. It is the perfect arrival point for tourists, as main roads from the airport can easily be driven by motor car, and a large number of buses take passengers to many of the city’s popular places of accommodation and attractions. Toronto attractions are vast, and include many which are enjoyable by children of various ages, museums which are one-of-a-kind, amusement parks, a zoo and several historical buildings. The CN Tower is one of the main Toronto attractions as well.

Toronto is a very large city in Canada, in the Ontario region, and is located on the north-western shores of Lake Ontario. It is also west of Montreal and Ottawa, and east of London (ON) and Kitchener. The city covers an area of 245 square miles, or 635 square kilometres, and has a population of over eight million. The main languages spoken are Canadian English and Canadian French. Although Toronto tourism is thriving, the city is also considered as a major economic centre, and consists of many impressive skyscrapers and buildings, mostly found nearby Downtown Toronto. The city of Toronto is quite easily travelled, as most of the roads are laid out in an organised grid-pattern. However, a number of areas in the city centre are designated for pedestrians only, and most visitors find that walking through the eclectic neighbourhoods is a wonderful way to sightsee. Free walking tours are available to explore the downtown core, and the Toronto Urban Adventures tour is a walking tour for tourists who want to experience the Kensington Market and Chinatown. Various other ‘Discovery Walks’ are available as well. Toronto can also be described as ‘the city within a park’, as there are many lovely areas which follow the streams and rivers which flow through the city.

Toronto Attractions and Museums

The CN Tower is undoubtedly one of the most well-visited attractions in the city of Toronto. It is famous for being one of the tallest free-standing structures in the world, with a height of over 500 metres. There is a glass elevator which takes you to the top, where a revolving restaurant and some spectacular views can be enjoyed. There is even a glass floored observation deck, which some find to be rather scary! Another popular attraction is the Casa Loma, a truly unique building found in the city centre. The castle is Edwardian in design, and consists of several interesting secret passages and towers. It has 98 rooms, and is located on 5 acres (2 hectares) of gardens. The Spadina House is another historical building that is quite famous in Toronto. It dates back to the 1860’s, and it has a magnificent historical interior. It is also surrounded by beautiful gardens. Further history is seen at the Black Creek Pioneer Village, in northern Toronto, overlooking the Black Creek river. The village represents life in Toronto in the 19th century, and has over forty historic buildings which are decorated accordingly. The village is self-explored, however, there are guides who explain the details of each building.

A museum in the Bank of Montreal building is dedicated to the history of ice hockey, and here a hockey hall of fame is also found. Further interesting Toronto museums include the Toronto Aerospace Museum, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Ontario Science Centre, the Bata Shoe Museum and the Museum of Television. The TAM, or Toronto Aerospace Museum, is known as an exciting and educational tourist attraction, and has existed since 1997. It exhibits planes which were used right at the very beginning, when they consisted of only fabric and wire, and is also home to Canada’s first satellite and the de Havilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd. The Royal Ontario Museum has thousands of items and specimens on display, including dinosaurs, Canadian furniture, and the world’s largest totem pole that is over a hundred years old. The museum also contributed two dinosaurs for a display in Toronto Pearson Airport. The Ontario Science Centre is complete with a rainforest, tornado machine, a sound-proof tunnel and much more, while the Bata Shoe Museum is a treat for shoe-lovers, as it is devoted to footwear of all kinds and from all cultures around the world. One of the best art galleries in Canada is found in Toronto, and is referred to as the Art Gallery of Ontario. It has many paintings by Canadian artists, as well as the world’s largest collection of Henry Moore sculptures.

More Toronto attractions, and the city districts

There are some wonderful city districts to explore in Toronto. The Distillery District has been established as a pedestrian-only area, and is a village known for its wonderful entertainment attractions, enticing restaurants and some popular art galleries. Many cultural events take place at the Lakefront and Harbourfront areas as well in Downtown Toronto. Little Italy/Portugal Village is a great place to visit to get a feel for the Western Mediterranean, and Toronto’s Chinatown is one of the largest in North America. Other interesting districts include Little India, Koreatown, the Cabbagetown District and Greektown.

There are plenty of Toronto attractions for the whole family. The Toronto Zoo is a quick bus trip away, and is rated as one of the top ten zoos in the world. There are over 5,000 animals on the grounds, and they can be seen by following the well-marked trails. Ontario Place is a wonderful entertainment area and popular summer attraction venue. It is found on the shores of Lake Ontario, and is a theme park with many rides and fun water activities. Another amusement park in the area is Canada’s Wonderland, located in Vaughan, approximately thirty kilometres north of Downtown Toronto. It boasts over 200 attractions, and is therefore one of the best parks in North America. The three islands nearby are an ideal day trip. They are known as Centre Island, Ward’s Island and Hanlon’s Point. The islands are accessed by a ten-minute ferry ride, and have lovely areas for picnics and barbeques. There are also lovely beaches and other attractions. Toronto has three main sections of beaches as well, of which the Beaches neighbourhood is the most popular.

Further details regarding Toronto attractions can be found at the tourism centres in the Toronto Pearson Airport, or from Tourism Offices in the city. Online information is valuable as well.