Low Cost Toronto Airport Parking

Toronto Pearson Airport is found nearby the city centre of Toronto, and serves this city, its metropolitan area and the Golden Horseshoe, which is an urban conglomeration consisting of over eight million people. The airport is the largest in Canada, with 33 million passengers recorded in 2011, and is therefore a very important gateway to the country. It is also named as the Lester B. Pearson Airport, in honour of a late Canadian Prime Minister, and has the official airport code of YYZ. Toronto Pearson Airport parking is available for passengers arriving in their own vehicles. There are several airport parking lots from which to choose, some nearby the terminal and others further away.

Toronto Airport is located approximately 22.5km from Downtown Toronto, and is easily accessed by a few main roads. Departing passengers who would like to drive their own vehicles to the airport, can reach the airport from all directions, and have a choice of a couple of convenient routes. From local areas, such as Kingsview Village and Princess Anne Manor, Dixon Road can be used for access, and from the north, Airport road leads to the terminals. The main highway of the airport is the 401, leading from areas as far as Montreal city, and passes Cornwall, Kingston, Belleville, Oshawa, Ajax and Pickering along the way to the airport. Nearer to the airport, motorists should take Highway 409 to airport buildings. Other main roads in the vicinity include the 407 and the 400, which provide access from the north. Once at Toronto Airport, parking areas are indicated by signs, and passengers should choose an area based on the length of time that they will be away, or the terminal from which they will be departing.

Toronto Airport Parking

Toronto Airport has thousands of parking spaces available for their passengers. There are parking garages nearby the two terminal buildings of the airport, known as Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, parking for very short-term stays and long-term parking that is accessible by the people mover system of the airport, referred to as the Link Train. Motorists who would like to park in order to ‘see off’ departing passengers, or who are awaiting arriving passengers, can use the Express Car Park, located just a few metres from the terminals. Twenty minutes of parking in this area will cost $3.00, and it is only recommended for use of up to three hours. The daily maximum charge for the Express Car Park is $90.00. It also has a height restriction of two metres.

Curb-side pick-up and drop-off is also possible at Toronto Airport, and is convenient for motorists who would prefer not to park their vehicles. Vehicles may stop momentarily outside the arrival and departure areas of both terminals, but vehicles may not be left unattended and it is preferable for drivers to remain behind the steering wheel. A third person should help the passenger with his/her luggage should assistance be required.

Another quick way to arrive at the terminal buildings of Toronto Airport is to choose valet parking. You can simply drive up to the curb, hand over your vehicle keys and continue to the check-in desks. A valet parking attendant will park the vehicle on your behalf. The service is available from 04:30 to 22:00, seven days a week, but arrangements can also be made for valet parking services out of these times. If you are departing from Terminal 1, follow the Valet Parking signage to the Terminal 1 departures curb at Post 11, or if you are departing from Terminal 3, follow the Valet Parking signage to the Terminal 3 departures curb at Post 15. The vehicles will be parked in a safe, indoor parking garage. Upon your return, request your vehicle from the Valet Care Customer Service counter on Level 5 of the Terminal 1 parking garage, or from the counter on the Arrivals Level near door F in Terminal 3. Valet Car guests can also take advantage of the Car Care Packages available, which could include the servicing of their vehicle, and interior and exterior car washes.

Further Toronto Pearson Airport parking nearby the terminals is available in the Daily Car Park. This parking garage is recommended for stays of longer than three hours, but for a week or less as well. The departure areas of the terminals are just a three to five minute walk from the car park, and parking here is therefore most convenient. The daily maximum rate charged is $28.00, and the first seven days of parking will be charged at $140.00. Additional days of parking will cost $18.00.

The Value Park Garage and Value Park Lot are two areas which are further from the terminal, and accessible by the Link Train. The Value Park Lot has a new location to the left if coming from Viscount Road and to the right if coming from Airport Road, and is the cheapest airport parking lot. A week will cost just $70.00, and each day thereafter will be charged at $15.00. Terminal 1 is accessed by Link Train in just seven minutes, and Terminal 3 is about a three and a half minute journey by Link Train. The Value Park Garages are the same distance from the terminals, and will cost $90.00 for the first week of parking and $18.00 for each day thereafter.

Motorists who are collecting passengers at the airport will not need to park or circle the airport whilst waiting, as there is a convenient Cell Phone Lot available. Parking is free for thirty minutes, and the area is about a five minute drive from both terminals. There are fifty parking spaces available in the Cell Phone Lot. Plenty of parking spaces are available for disabled persons at Toronto Airport as well, in all the car parking areas. They are found at convenient locations nearby elevators or the entrances of the terminals. The Link Train can also be used by persons with reduced mobility challenges.

Toronto Pearson Airport parking is used by thousands of passengers every year, and most find it to be very safe and convenient. Further details regarding airport parking can be acquired at the following telephone number: (416) 776-5158.