Toronto Airport Taxis (YYZ)

Toronto Pearson Airport is a large international airport in Canada, and in terms of passenger traffic, is rated as the busiest in the country. It has the official code of YYZ, and is also known as the Lester B. Pearson International Airport. The airport is served by a large number of airline carriers, and their flights reach well over a hundred destinations around the world. For arriving passengers Toronto Pearson Airport taxis provide ground transport, and are a reliable way to travel to many nearby locations. Taxis also provide transport to Toronto Airport for passengers on departure flights.

Toronto Airport handles in excess of thirty million passengers per annum, and is therefore Canada’s most important airport. It serves the city of Toronto, the Toronto metropolitan area and the approximate 8.1 million inhabitants of the Golden Horseshoe area, which comprises of around 25% of the country’s total population. The airport is located approximately 22.5km, or 14 miles northwest of Downtown Toronto, and in the municipality of Mississauga. Toronto Airport is served by 360 taxis and 276 limousines, and taxis are therefore an important part of the airport’s ground transport system. By taxi can be a very quick and convenient way to travel into the city, to the suburbs or to any other location. Although taxis are considered to be more expensive than the airport bus services, they can even be cheaper, as it depends on the number of passengers who are travelling and the destination requested. Buses will charge per passenger, but up to four passengers can travel in a taxi for the same cost.

The airport of Toronto consists of two large terminal buildings that are well equipped with a variety of facilities for arriving and departing passengers. They are named as Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, and Terminal 1 is the larger of the two. It covers a surface area of 464,000 square metres, which makes it the eleventh largest airport terminal in the world. The terminal of arrival will depend on the airline carrier in use, but taxis are available from each terminal, therefore there is no need to transfer between terminals. The airport taxis are found outside the arrival areas of both terminals. Although taxi services need not be booked in advance, as there are generally always taxis available for arriving passengers, advanced reservations can be made in order to facilitate prompt pick-up outside the terminal.

Passengers should keep in mind that only official Toronto Pearson Airport taxis may be used to or from the airport, and can therefore not call any taxi company for a reservation. Only certain airport-licensed taxis and limos are legally permitted to provide transport from Toronto Airport. Passengers can organise a taxi through GTA Airport Taxi or GTA Airport Limo. GTA stands for the Greater Toronto Area. The official airport taxis all meet certain requirements regarding safety and charges for their trips. By using the correct company passengers will be ensured of transport in a reliable, clean and comfortable vehicle, and will be charged rates which are fair and consistent. Upon arrival at the airport, passengers who have pre-arranged a taxi service should proceed to the designated areas in their terminal and notify the dispatcher that they are ready to leave. In Terminal 1, the dispatcher is found at Door B3, and in Terminal 3, the dispatcher is found at Post 29. Give the dispatcher your name and the name of the driver who will be collecting you, and arrangements will be made to have your vehicle sent to the terminal.

Transport at Toronto Airport is also available for passengers with reduced mobility challenges, and for wheelchair bound passengers. Special vehicles can be arranged for their transport. Commercial drivers who are collecting a special needs passenger should go to the ‘Pre-Arranged and Charter Bus’ holding area, at 6288 Siverdart Drive, park the vehicle and proceed to the registration office where a form will need to be completed. The dispatcher will then issue a curb permit. Wait until the dispatcher announces the location of your passenger. The Toronto Airport passenger terminals are also completely accessible to disabled passengers, and assistance with all airport procedures can be arranged before your arrival, or before your departure flight.

Taxi fares in the Greater Toronto Area vary depending on the time and distance to your destination. There could be set fare rates for more commonly driven routes, or the rates could be charged per kilometre travelled. The Out-of-Town Tariff map displays taxi fares to destinations outside of the GTA, and for any location not listed on this map, the rates are as follows: $1.45 per kilometre for taxis and $1.55 per kilometre for limousines.

For transport to the airport of Toronto, passengers can call a licensed taxi to come and collect them from their location, or will find taxis available from public areas such as the train stations of the city. A taxi ride to meet your departure flight could be less expensive than leaving your vehicle in the airport’s car park, especially if you will be away for a week or longer.

The Toronto Pearson Airport taxis provide a valuable form of transport to and from the airport, and are a more private way to travel than by bus. However, always leave in good time for a departure flight, as the roads in Toronto are notorious for traffic congestion during rush hour times. The airport can be reached at 416-247-7678, or 1-866-207-1690, for more information regarding airport taxis.