Winnipeg Airport Taxis (YWG)

Winnipeg International Airport is found in the province of Manitoba, Canada, and serves the city of Winnipeg. The airport, known by its code of YWG, is very nearby to the city centre, and is one of the busiest airports in Canada, with over 3.3 million passengers every year. It is also one of the eight airports of the country with US border preclearance facilities. There are several forms of ground transport available to and from the airport, including buses and taxis. Winnipeg taxis are particularly popular, and are a quick and convenient way to reach any part of the city. They are also used to travel to the airport in order to avoid paying for parking fees.

The YWG airport of Winnipeg has a new terminal building that is the first in Canada to be LEED-certified for it’s environmentally friendly concept, design and operation. It was opened at the end of October, 2011, and is very functional and efficient, yet attractive, with several unique features. Passengers can therefore look forward to arriving at the airport, and can make use of facilities such as ATMs, foreign currency exchange services and information booths. There are also airport volunteers available, dressed in gold or silver vests, who can offer assistance to passengers. Passengers on departure flights can enjoy some shopping, or eat at one of several restaurants. They will also find two duty-free stores at the airport, and a Maple Leaf Lounge that is operated by Air Canada. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout the terminal as well.

Although buses run quite regularly from and to Winnipeg Airport, passengers often prefer to travel by taxi. The buses of the airport are both public and privately operated, and are quite a cheap form of transport, however, they may not always be available at a convenient time, or drop-off passengers at a convenient location. They are sometimes also hard to manage with heavy baggage items or small children in tow. The airport taxis are generally always available from outside the main terminal building. They are found nearby the central terminal doors. They are used to travel directly to any destination in or nearby the city of Winnipeg, and provide a quicker form of transport, as they do not need to stop to offload other passengers. Their costs, however, are more expensive than a bus ticket, but passengers are often willing to pay more for convenience.

The official taxi company is Unicity Taxis. A reservation is not required for their services, however, passengers arriving on early morning flights may like to ensure that a taxi will be available for transport. During daytime hours taxis are usually plentiful. The taxi companies of airports usually provide vehicles of all varieties. They have sedan models that seat up to four people, as well as larger cars that could seat five or six travellers. Special cars are also available to accommodate the needs of disabled passengers, and they are equipped with wheelchair lifts. A special taxi of this nature is usually recommended to be hired in advance. Unicity Taxis can be contacted at the following details: Telephone number 204-925-313 or email address

Taxis in Canada, and at Winnipeg Airport, have meters which record the number of kilometres/miles travelled. The price of the journey is then calculated accordingly. There is usually a set rate charged per kilometre travelled, as well as extra charges for airport collection fees and waiting times. A small fee could also be charged when there are more than four passengers travelling in a taxi, or for luggage loaded. It is wise to ensure that your taxi has a meter that is turned on and in working condition, and to discuss all charges with your taxi driver before leaving the airport. The drivers are usually friendly and willing to explain their fees. Passengers could also make enquiries regarding the airport’s taxi services at the general information desks. All taxi companies also have a contact number to where complaints can be made. Therefore always take note of the number/registration of the vehicle in which you will be travelling.

The airport is not very far from downtown Winnipeg, and therefore by taxi will only cost around $15.50 to $18.00. A trip to North/Garden City will cost $19.00 to $32.00 and by taxi to South/St. Vital will cost between $28.00 and $32.00. Other popular destinations from the airport and their costs include East/Kildonan Place ($25.00 to $28.00), West/Unicity ($18.00 to 22.00) and Polo Park ($9.25 to $11.75). The cost of your taxi journey will also depend on the time of day or night that you are travelling, as taxis in the evening, later night or earlier morning are generally more expensive. Taxis could charge higher prices on Sundays and public holidays as well. Pay for your ride in cash, or by credit card.

Passengers travelling to or from Winnipeg International Airport could also hire a limousine for transport. Limousines are far more elegant than the usual taxi, and are ideal for special occasions. The limousines of the airport are also found outside of the central terminal doors. The rates of a limousine are not charged by distance travelled, but are fixed according to destination. A few of the limousine companies available are Emerald Limousine, Nationwide Limousine, Empire Limousine, Platinum Limousine, Five Star Limousine and Ruby’s Limousine. These companies are all considered to be trustworthy and to provide high quality services.

Next time you arrive at in Manitoba, travel by one of the Winnipeg taxi companies, and enjoy a stressful transfer to your hotel, residence or place of business. Departing passengers will also arrive on-time for their flight when travelling by airport taxi.