Low Cost Winnipeg Airport Parking

Winnipeg International Airport is one of Canada’s largest, handling over three million passengers per annum. It is recognised by its IATA code of YWG, and its full and official name is the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport. This airport is the eighth busiest for passenger traffic in the country, and a hub for the airline companies of Kivallig Air, Perimeter Airlines and Calm Air. It is also a focus city for Air Canada Express and WestJet. Many of the airport’s passengers arrive in their own vehicles and therefore require parking facilities. There are two parking lots available at the airport, each within a convenient distance of the main terminal building.

The main building of the airport was opened in October 2006, and is therefore relatively new. It is also a building that has been selected as one of the most iconic airport structures in the world by Travel Channel. It has all the necessary facilities for arriving and departing passengers, and a good selection of shops and restaurants. Along with the new terminal, a new access road was constructed, and a new car park was built, with room for almost 1,600 private vehicles. The new parkade has four levels, and is nearby to the main terminal.

Passengers driving to the airport will find the terminal at 2000 Wellington Avenue, Winnipeg, MB. MB stands for the Canadian province of Manitoba, which is to the east of Saskatchewan and to the west of Ontario. It is also north of North Dakota and Minnesota in the United States of America. The airport can be reached via a number of routes, but the most direct is perhaps along Wellington Avenue from the city centre. Other main roads in the nearby vicinity include the Trans-Canada Highway 1, Brookside Boulevard/Oak Point Highway, King Edwards Street and Sargent Avenue. When approaching the airport, drive towards the main terminal building for a parking space in the four-level parkade, or turn-off a short distance before reaching the terminal for parking in the Economy Car Park. All areas of parking are well signposted.

Parking Options at the airport

Although plenty of parking spaces are available at the airport, passengers may prefer to simply be dropped off outside the terminal (or picked up at the curb-side should they be on an arriving flights). Vehicles stopping along the terminal road may only ‘park’ for a minute or two, and the driver may not leave the vehicle unattended. Simply offload passengers and their belongings and leave the area. Heavy fines can be issued to persons who do not respect these rules. There are two curb levels at the airport, one for dropping off departing passengers at Departures Level 2 and another for collecting arriving passengers at Arrivals Level 1. Ensure that your arriving passenger is already waiting outside the building, as you are not allowed to stop and wait for anyone in this area. Keep in mind that a traveller with checked bags to collect will take a little longer to leave the terminal. If it is not convenient to collect a passenger at curb-side, the vehicle can be parked in the parkade, and the passenger can be greeted at the follow few easy areas to locate: Tim Hortons on Arrivals Level 1, the Play Area on Arrivals Level 1, Stella’s Café and Baker on Departures Level 2 or at the Traveller’s Aid Kiosk on Departures Level 2. At this point in time, there is no cell phone car park at Winnipeg Airport.

The new four-level parkade of the airport is conveniently located opposite the main terminal building and may be used for short or long-term stays. To use the parking area, simply collect a parking ticket at the lot entrance and find a suitable parking space. Keep the ticket with you and use it for the payment due when you wish to leave the airport. The parking paystations are located in the lobby on each level of the parkade, and they accept cash and credit cards. There is also a cashier available to take payments at the exit plaza. Payments here can be made in cash, or by debit and credit cards. The cashier is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Passengers may also enter the parkade by using their credit card instead of taking a parking ticket. Simply insert your credit card in order to open the gate, and use the same credit card at the exit gates when you are ready to leave. It will therefore not be necessary to stop at one of the Paystations or the cashier if you used your credit card to enter the car park.

The Economy Lot is located a little further from the terminal building, but is still within walking distance. It is cheaper to park here than at the parkade when staying for a lengthier time period. The Economy Lot is located to the South of the parkade, and is just opposite the Administration Building and the Greyhound Bus Terminal and Courier Express. The car parks located to the south and east of the Economy Lot are for staff members of the airport. At the exit plaza of the Economy Lot there is also a cashier available.

Parking at Winnipeg International Airport is reasonably priced. At both the Economy and Parkade areas each half hour will cost $2.00, however the maximum amount charged for the day varies. The Parkade will cost $20.00 per day and the Economy Lot will cost $15.00 per day. The weekly maximum charged for the Economy Lot is $75.00, and per week in the Parkade will cost $90.00. These prices include GST. Currently, there are no discounts available for parking at Winnipeg Airport, and all parking spaces are on a ‘first come – first serve’ basis. Both parking lots are regularly patrolled by security officials, and are fitted with security cameras. Keep in mind as well that the Parkade has a height restriction of 2.2m.

Further details regarding Winnipeg parking is available at (204) 987-9402.