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Europcar Richmond Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is one of the major airports in Canada, with over sixteen million passengers per annum. The airport is located on Sea Island, a few kilometres south of Downtown Vancouver, and is found in the Richmond area. Vancouver is also a city in the British Columbia region of Canada. Trains, taxis and buses from the airport provide transport to various locations, but many passengers prefer to rent a car from car hire companies such as Europcar Vancouver Airport. Europcar is a world-wide car rental company with many airport locations. Their services are considered as first-class, and their car rental rates as competitive.

Vancouver Airport passengers will arrive at one of three terminal buildings, depending on their flight origin and airline company. A few regional airline carriers leave their passengers at the airport’s South Terminal, but the majority fly to either the Domestic or International Terminals. These two terminals are located alongside each other, and provide the main passenger services of the airport. The Vancouver Airport car rental companies are located nearby the arrival areas of the Domestic and International Terminals, at the parking garage across the street. They are within walking distance of the arrival areas. Although Vancouver Airport is a rental location of Europcar, Europcar passengers should go to the National counters to collect their vehicle. Vehicles should be hired in advance from the location of Vancouver Airport, and online reservations are preferable.

Passengers in need of a private vehicle will be selecting a car category, rather than a car by its specific make and model, however, if a certain vehicle is requested, Europcar will try to provide the car that is required. The car categories available include Economy, Compact, Midsize, Standard, Fullsize and Minivan. There are also Premium and Luxury cars for hire, and a number of categories which contain SUVs. The Ford Escape, Ford Explorer and Ford Edge are SUVs that seat up to five, and the Chevrolet Tahoe and Chevrolet Suburban are SUVs for seven passengers. Minivans can seat seven as well, and may be similar to the Dodge Grand Caravan, while for up to fifteen passengers, the Chevrolet Express is ideal. SUVs, Minivans, Pickups (Chevrolet Colorado and Chevrolet Silverado) and Vans are more expensive to hire than other vehicles, but can be the best vehicles for certain rentals.

Economy and Compact cars are the smallest and have the lowest car rental rates. They are also easy to drive and ideal for city driving. The Suzuki Swift and Nissan Versa are examples of smaller cars available, while Midsize and Standard vehicles include the Dodge Caliber and Ford Fusion. There are also Fullsize vehicles for hire, such as the Chevrolet Impala. Most cars hired from the Vancouver Airport car hire companies have automatic transmissions, and are available with unlimited mileage. Automatic cars are also used when Europcar hand controls for disabled drivers are requested from Vancouver Airport. Hand controls are free of charge, but will require an advanced reservation.

Along with a vehicle, passengers can hire child seats and satellite navigation systems, and possibly ski racks from Europcar. These items are optional, and will cost a few extra CAD. However, the equipment hired is usually of a high quality, and essential for safe or easy driving in Canada. All passengers in a vehicle driven in Canada should be wearing seatbelts. Vehicles can also be arranged as a Europcar one way hire, should the customer not wish to drive back to Vancouver Airport. One way hires can be returned to any other Europcar rental location, but always confirm the details with Europcar before planning your travel itinerary. Cross-border rentals may also be allowed, if the vehicle is to be driven to the United States.

The Vancouver Airport car rental companies require their primary renters to be at least 21 years of age, but young driver fees will be applicable to those who are younger than 25. This is an amount payable per day of car hire, and per underage driver, usually up until a maximum of ten rental days, or a maximum amount. Young drivers may also not be permitted to hire from certain vehicle categories that contain larger or specialty cars. Europcar will also need to see your drivers license when you arrive to collect the vehicle, and for payment of the rental period, a major credit card is required. Credit cards accepted include American Express, Diner’s Club, Mastercard and Visa. Debit cards are only used for payments due at the end of the rental period.

At the beginning of the rental period, the vehicle will have a full tank of fuel, and customers will have various fuel options from which to choose. Longer rentals, however, usually require the customer to purchase a full tank prior to collecting the vehicle. When fuel is purchased, the car may be returned with an ‘empty as possible’ tank, as no refunds are given for unused fuel. For shorter rentals, customers may be able to simply return their vehicle with a full tank, as it was collected. Ensure that you know which type of fuel to use for your rented car from Vancouver Airport.

Contact Europcar, for all further Vancouver Airport car rental enquiries.

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