Low Cost Calgary Airport Parking

Calgary International Airport is located approximately 17km, or 11 miles from downtown Calgary, and is one of the largest airports in Canada. The airport’s current passenger traffic is holding steady between 12 and 13 million passengers per annum, however, an increase in these figures is expected in future years. Calgary Airport is a very well equipped establishment that is served by many airline companies. Almost a hundred scheduled destinations are offered. Calgary Airport parking is available in several areas for departing passengers, and there are choices between long-term and short-term parking areas. An Economy parking lot is available for those who are in need of a cheaper area to leave their vehicle.

Calgary Airport is an airport in the Alberta region of Canada, and is accessed by a number of large motorways. From the north and south, as well as the city centre, the Deerfoot Trail Highway runs past the airport, providing access to the Airport Trail to the terminal buildings. The Stoney Trail NW and NE are another two large highways to the north and east of the airport complex and the Trans-Canada Highway 1 is found a few kilometres to the south of the airport grounds. Calgary Airport is located northeast of the city centre, and is surrounded by the areas of Harvest Hills, Thorncliffe, Tuxedo Park, Vista Heights, Whitehorn, Castleridge, Martindale and Saddle Ridge. Passengers arriving in their own vehicles will find plenty of easy-to-locate parking options at Calgary Airport, and that the parking areas are within walking distance of the terminal building. There is just one large passenger building at Calgary Airport, but it has four concourses, each with facilities for arriving and departing passengers.

Calgary Airport Parking Garages

Nearby the terminal building, there are two parkades, known as P1 and P2. At each parkade there are various levels of parking available, that are either used for short-term or long-term stays. They can also be referred to as Parkade 1 and Parkade 2. Motorists can reach Parkade 2 via the ‘Through Road’ at the entrance to Parkade 1. Both of these large parking areas are within walking distance of the airport’s check-in areas, and are often considered as the most convenient place to park. Passengers who will only be at the airport for an hour or two can park on the ground level of either parkade, with the first thirty minutes of parking free of charge. Short-term parking is also available on the second levels known as P2 of the parkades, however, motorists may only pay by credit card for short-term parking on this level, at the Exit Station of the car park. On each of the parkade’s levels (P2, P4, P5, P6 and P7), hourly, daily and weekly parking rates are available, and vehicles may remain in the parking area for a maximum of sixty days.

Short-term parking on the lower levels of the parkades have a daily maximum fee of $35.00, and $6.00 will be charged for each half an hour after the first thirty minutes of parking, which is for free. Long-term parking in Parkade 2 is slight less expensive than long-term parking in Parkade 1. The daily maximum in P1 is $24.00, and in P2, $21.00. The P1 long-term area has a weekly charge of $99.00, which is available for consecutive weeks, however, the P2 long-term rates for a week ($59.00) are not valid consecutively, and a daily rate of $11.00 will be applicable after the first week of parking.

Adjacent to the entrance of Parkade 1 is an area of parking for overheight vehicles, since that only vehicles of under 2 metres can make use of Parkade 1, and only vehicles of under 2.3 metres can use the long-term areas of Parkade 2. The short-term area of Parkade 2 has a height restriction of 3.1 metres. The overheight car park is free for the first thirty minutes, and thereafter has the same charges as the P1 long-term parking levels. Reserved parking spaces for disabled drivers are available in the overhieght parking area as well, and further reserved spaces can be found on all levels of Parkade 2. In Parkade 1, accessible parking spaces are found on levels P2 and P4, adjacent to the north and south elevators.

Calgary Airport Parking – Economy Lot

The Economy Car Park at Calgary Airport is the cheapest place of parking available, and is found just north of Airport Road. It is also behind the Taxi Waiting Area, and quite easily accessed from the terminal buildings. Vehicles may park at the Economy Lot for up to sixty days, and is the ideal option for cheaper long-term parking. Payments for this car park may only be made by credit card. The daily maximum charged for this airport parking area is $9.95, and the weekly maximum is $39.95. Each day after one week of parking is charged at $9.95, until the weekly maximum amount is reached.

Calgary Airport Parking – Cell Phone Lot

The Cell Phone parking lot is a new addition to Calgary Airport’s parking options, and is convenient for use by persons who are collecting arriving passengers from the airport. The parking lot is located on the north side of Airport Road, and is indicated by purple and white signage. It is also located before reaching the entrances to the parkade. No charges are applicable for the Cell Phone Lot, as motorists will simply wait here until receiving a call that their passengers have arrived. They can then drive up to the terminal, pick up their passenger waiting at curb-side, and be on their way. There is a special waiting area for passengers on the Arrivals level curb, colour coded as the Cell Phone Lot area.

Motorists who have parked their vehicle at one of the Calgary Airport car parks can pay by credit card at any of the twenty-four Express Pay Stations on the arrivals level or in the elevator lobbies in the parkades, or by credit card at the Exit Stations of the parking areas. Cash and debit cards may be used at one of the three cashier toll booths at the exit area of the parkade. The Parkade Hot Line can be called to check the availability of parking at 403-250-7275 (PARK).