Calgary Live Flight Departures

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To Airline Flight no. Scheduled Actual Status
Vancouver (YVR) WestJet WS111expand_more(3) 11:30 Delayed
Vancouver (YVR) Air France AF5127 11:30 Delayed
Vancouver (YVR) KLM KL9568 11:30 Delayed
Vancouver (YVR) Korean Air KE6502 11:30 Delayed
Toronto (YYZ) WestJet WS660expand_more(3) 11:30 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) Air France AF6591 11:30 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) Azores Airlines S47034 11:30 Landed
Toronto (YYZ) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS8091 11:30 Landed
Terrace (YXT) North Cariboo Air 5N1504 11:30 Scheduled
Vancouver (YVR) Air Canada AC211expand_more(2) 11:50 Scheduled
Vancouver (YVR) Air China CA7482 11:50 Landed
Vancouver (YVR) Air New Zealand NZ4553 11:50 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada AC140expand_more(4) 11:55 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) Austrian Airlines OS8296 11:55 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) Lufthansa LH6826 11:55 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) Swiss LX4679 11:55 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) TAP Portugal TP8002 11:55 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) Air Canada AC318expand_more(6) 11:55 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) Austrian Airlines OS8372 11:55 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) Brussels Airlines SN9558 11:55 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) Lufthansa LH6731 11:55 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) Swiss LX4660 11:55 Landed
Montreal (YUL) TAP Portugal TP8255 11:55 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) Turkish Airlines TK9103 11:55 Scheduled
Peace River (YPE) Sunwest Aviation CNK715 12:00 Landed
Kalispell (FCA) Sunwest Aviation CNK9 12:00 Landed
Regina (YQR) WestJet WS9534 12:15 Landed
Toronto (YYZ) Air Transat TS853 12:20 Landed
Montreal (YUL) Air Transat TS125 12:20 Landed
Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA3517expand_more(2) 12:50 Delayed
Dallas (DFW) British Airways BA1684 12:50 Delayed
Dallas (DFW) Qatar Airways QR2544 12:50 Delayed
Vancouver (YVR) WestJet WS115expand_more(1) 13:00 Scheduled
Vancouver (YVR) Delta Air Lines DL7185 13:00 Scheduled
Winnipeg (YWG) WestJet WS738 13:00 Scheduled
Victoria (YYJ) WestJet WS3133 13:00 Scheduled
Saskatoon (YXE) WestJet WS3192 13:00 Landed
Abbotsford (YXX) WestJet WS3381 13:00 Scheduled
Saskatoon (YXE) WestJet Encore WR319H 13:04 Landed
Cranbrook (YXC) WestJet WS3023 13:05 Scheduled
Kelowna (YLW) WestJet WS3163 13:15 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) WestJet WS664expand_more(3) 13:30 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) Azores Airlines S47036 13:30 Departed Late
Toronto (YYZ) Emirates EK4698 13:30 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS8089 13:30 Departed Late
Edmonton (YEG) WestJet WS3135 13:30 Scheduled
Minneapolis (MSP) Delta Air Lines DL2971expand_more(2) 14:00 Scheduled
Minneapolis (MSP) Air France AF2408 14:00 Scheduled
Minneapolis (MSP) WestJet WS6354 14:00 Scheduled
Winnipeg (YWG) Air Canada AC8338 14:30 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada AC144expand_more(3) 14:35 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) LOT LO4144 14:35 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) TAP Portugal TP8006 14:35 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) Turkish Airlines TK9139 14:35 Scheduled
Fort McMurray (YMM) Air Canada AC8375expand_more(1) 14:35 Scheduled
Fort McMurray (YMM) United Airlines UA8537 14:35 Scheduled
Victoria (YYJ) Air Canada AC8555expand_more(1) 14:40 Delayed
Victoria (YYJ) United Airlines UA8099 14:40 Delayed
Edmonton (YEG) Air Canada AC8140 14:45 Scheduled
Regina (YQR) Air Canada AC8436expand_more(1) 14:45 Scheduled
Regina (YQR) United Airlines UA8664 14:45 Scheduled
Saskatoon (YXE) Air Canada AC8586expand_more(1) 14:45 Scheduled
Saskatoon (YXE) United Airlines UA8676 14:45 Scheduled
Kelowna (YLW) Air Canada AC8403expand_more(1) 14:50 Scheduled
Kelowna (YLW) United Airlines UA8565 14:50 Scheduled
Grande Prairie (YQU) Air Canada AC8477expand_more(1) 14:50 Scheduled
Grande Prairie (YQU) United Airlines UA8605 14:50 Scheduled
Vancouver (YVR) Air Canada AC217expand_more(2) 15:00 Scheduled
Vancouver (YVR) Air New Zealand NZ4803 15:00 Scheduled
Vancouver (YVR) All Nippon Airways NH6811 15:00 Scheduled
Vancouver (YVR) Cargojet Airways W8301 15:00 Landed
Phoenix (PHX) WestJet WS1516expand_more(1) 15:00 Scheduled
Phoenix (PHX) Delta Air Lines DL7224 15:00 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) Air Canada AC322expand_more(1) 15:05 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) TAP Portugal TP8254 15:05 Scheduled
Vancouver (YVR) Morningstar Air Express MAL7090 15:06 Landed
Regina (YQR) WestJet WS298expand_more(2) 15:15 Scheduled
Regina (YQR) KLM KL9634 15:15 Scheduled
Regina (YQR) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS8067 15:15 Landed
Saskatoon (YXE) WestJet WS358expand_more(2) 15:15 Scheduled
Saskatoon (YXE) Delta Air Lines DL6937 15:15 Scheduled
Saskatoon (YXE) KLM KL9584 15:15 Scheduled
Kelowna (YLW) WestJet WS479expand_more(4) 15:15 Scheduled
Kelowna (YLW) Delta Air Lines DL7121 15:15 Scheduled
Kelowna (YLW) Delta Air Lines DL7086 15:15 Scheduled
Kelowna (YLW) KLM KL9718 15:15 Scheduled
Kelowna (YLW) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS8055 15:15 Landed Late
Edmonton (YEG) WestJet WS3225expand_more(4) 15:15 Scheduled
Edmonton (YEG) Delta Air Lines DL7039 15:15 Scheduled
Edmonton (YEG) KLM KL9622 15:15 Scheduled
Edmonton (YEG) KLM KL9628 15:15 Scheduled
Edmonton (YEG) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS8047 15:15 Landed
Penticton (YYF) WestJet WS3337expand_more(2) 15:15 Scheduled
Penticton (YYF) KLM KL9632 15:15 Scheduled
Penticton (YYF) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS8079 15:15 Landed
Lethbridge (YQL) WestJet WS3008 15:15 Landed
Fort McMurray (YMM) WestJet WS3159expand_more(4) 15:15 Scheduled
Fort McMurray (YMM) Delta Air Lines DL6870 15:15 Scheduled
Fort McMurray (YMM) Delta Air Lines DL6936 15:15 Scheduled
Fort McMurray (YMM) KLM KL9560 15:15 Scheduled
Fort McMurray (YMM) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS8059 15:15 Landed
Grande Prairie (YQU) WestJet WS3205expand_more(3) 15:15 Scheduled
Grande Prairie (YQU) Delta Air Lines DL7193 15:15 Scheduled
Grande Prairie (YQU) KLM KL9576 15:15 Scheduled
Grande Prairie (YQU) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS8149 15:15 Landed
Comox (YQQ) WestJet WS3335expand_more(3) 15:15 Scheduled
Comox (YQQ) Delta Air Lines DL6954 15:15 Scheduled
Comox (YQQ) KLM KL9572 15:15 Scheduled
Comox (YQQ) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS8061 15:15 Departed Late
Edmonton (YEG) KLM KL679expand_more(3) 15:15 Landed Late
Edmonton (YEG) Air France AF8273 15:15 Landed Late
Edmonton (YEG) Delta Air Lines DL9397 15:15 Landed Late
Edmonton (YEG) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS6879 15:15 Landed Late
Amsterdam (AMS) KLM KL678expand_more(3) 15:15 Delayed
Amsterdam (AMS) Air France AF3160 15:15 Delayed
Amsterdam (AMS) Delta Air Lines DL9390 15:15 Delayed
Amsterdam (AMS) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS6870 15:15 Delayed
Vancouver (YVR) WestJet WS119expand_more(4) 15:30 Scheduled
Vancouver (YVR) Delta Air Lines DL6896 15:30 Departed Late
Vancouver (YVR) Delta Air Lines DL7012 15:30 Scheduled
Vancouver (YVR) KLM KL9565 15:30 Scheduled
Vancouver (YVR) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS8028 15:30 Departed Late
Victoria (YYJ) WestJet WS185expand_more(3) 15:30 Scheduled
Victoria (YYJ) Delta Air Lines DL7216 15:30 Scheduled
Victoria (YYJ) KLM KL9674 15:30 Scheduled
Victoria (YYJ) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS8081 15:30 Scheduled
Winnipeg (YWG) WestJet WS530expand_more(3) 15:30 Scheduled
Winnipeg (YWG) KLM KL9668 15:30 Scheduled
Winnipeg (YWG) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS8071 15:30 Scheduled
Winnipeg (YWG) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS8069 15:30 Departed Late
Las Vegas (LAS) WestJet WS1624expand_more(1) 15:30 Scheduled
Las Vegas (LAS) Delta Air Lines DL7058 15:30 Scheduled
Nanaimo (YCD) WestJet WS3175expand_more(3) 15:30 Scheduled
Nanaimo (YCD) Delta Air Lines DL7109 15:30 Scheduled
Nanaimo (YCD) KLM KL9552 15:30 Scheduled
Nanaimo (YCD) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS8151 15:30 En-Route
Dawson Creek (YDQ) WestJet WS3027 15:30 Scheduled
Abbotsford (YXX) WestJet WS379expand_more(3) 15:45 Scheduled
Abbotsford (YXX) Delta Air Lines DL6956 15:45 Scheduled
Abbotsford (YXX) KLM KL9702 15:45 Scheduled
Abbotsford (YXX) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS8077 15:45 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) Flair Airlines F8822 15:55 Scheduled
Ottawa (YOW) WestJet WS616expand_more(1) 16:00 Scheduled
Ottawa (YOW) KLM KL9742 15:30 En-Route
Montreal (YUL) WestJet WS218expand_more(1) 16:00 Scheduled
Montreal (YUL) KLM KL9627 15:30 En-Route
Toronto (YYZ) WestJet WS672expand_more(1) 16:30 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS8087 16:30 En-Route
Regina (YQR) WestJet WS3270 16:50 Scheduled
Vancouver (YVR) Air Canada AC221expand_more(2) 17:00 Scheduled
Vancouver (YVR) Air New Zealand NZ4813 17:00 Scheduled
Vancouver (YVR) Lufthansa LH6802 17:00 Delayed
Kelowna (YLW) WestJet WS3293expand_more(1) 17:00 Scheduled
Kelowna (YLW) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS8053 17:00 Delayed
Vancouver (YVR) Sunwest Aviation CNK657 17:00 En-Route
Saskatoon (YXE) WestJet WS3442 17:00 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada AC148 17:10 Scheduled
Edmonton (YEG) WestJet WS3229expand_more(1) 17:15 Delayed
Edmonton (YEG) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS8049 17:15 Delayed
Vancouver (YVR) WestJet WS123expand_more(2) 17:30 Delayed
Vancouver (YVR) Philippine Airlines PR1915 17:30 Delayed
Vancouver (YVR) Virgin Atlantic Airways VS8032 17:30 Delayed
Sioux Falls (FSD) UPS Airlines 5X491 17:39 Delayed
Victoria (YYJ) Flair Airlines F8516 18:00 Landed

Calgary International Airport (YYC) is located approximately 17km, or 11 miles to the northeast of downtown Calgary, and is a large airport handling over 12 million passengers per annum. The airport is known as the fourth largest in Canada in terms of passenger traffic, and the third largest in terms of aircraft movements. It is hub for several airline carriers, and domestic and international departures to a wide variety of destinations are offered from the airport. The Calgary Airport departure areas are well equipped for their passengers, and offer very modern facilities. Departing passengers can also reach the airport by public transport, as several bus services are available.

The city of Calgary, and its airport, are found in the Alberta region of Canada, which is to the north of the Montana region of the United States. The city is also considered as south of Edmonton and Red Deer, north of Lethbridge, southwest of Drumheller and east of popular mountainous tourist destinations, such as Banff. The airport of the city is particularly nearby the areas of Saddle Ridge, Martindale, Castleridge, Vista Heights, Tuxedo Park and Beddington Heights, however, departing passengers can easily reach the airport from any area of the city by the Deerfoot Trail Highway. The Trans-Canada Highway 1 and the Stoney Trail Highway NW and NE are nearby as well. Motorists driving to the airport will find plenty of parking options available. The cheapest is the Economy Parking Lot, while the nearest areas to the terminal are the Parkades 1 and 2. All parking areas are within walking distance of the terminal and check-in areas.

Alternatively, passengers on Calgary Airport departure flights can take public transport to the airport. Buses operated by Calgary Transit travel from the Crowfoot and McKnight-Westwinds CTrain Stations, and from downtown Calgary, while the Allied Airport Shuttle is a new service travelling from various designated points in the city. Passengers who have stayed at hotels may be able to take a courtesy shuttle bus to their departure flight, and tourists who have been visiting areas such as Banff will find long-distance buses available from various companies. Shorter distances can easily be travelled by taxi or airport sedan as well. Associated Cab is the official Calgary Airport taxi company.

Calgary Airport is served by a large number of airline carriers, including Air Canada, Air Canada Express and WestJet, for which the airport is a hub and headquarter location. These three airline companies offer departure flights to Frankfurt, Las Vegas, London-Heathrow, Los Angeles, Montréal, Ottawa, Tokyo-Narita, Toronto, Vancouver, Kelowna, Kamloops, Phoenix and Winnipeg, as well as the closer destinations of Edmonton, Medicine Hat and Lethbridge. Additional airline companies and their destinations from Calgary Airport include Alaska Airlines to Seattle, American Airlines to Dallas/Fort Worth, British Airlines to London-Heathrow, Compass Airlines to Minneapolis, SkyWest Airlines to Salt Lake City, KLM to Amsterdam and United Airlines to Chicago, Denver and San Francisco.

In the past three years, Calgary Airport has served just over twelve million passengers per annum, with 2011 ending with the highest number of travellers. The airport handles mainly domestic passengers, while transborder and international passengers account for about 3.5 million of the total passengers recorded each year.

Calgary Airport consists of a large terminal building covering a total surface area of just over 140,000 square metres. The building has four concourses, and passengers could depart from any one of these areas. However, Air Canada and Air Canada Express operations are mainly handled from Concourse B, while many flights to the United States leave from Concourse C, as this is the area where the U.S. Border Preclearance facilities are available. Passengers will therefore not need to pass through border control procedures when they arrive in the U.S. Many of the airport’s domestic flights leave from Concourse A, and Concourse D handles further international and U.S.-bound departure flights. Passengers can check-in at conventional check-in counters, or make use of online check-in facilities. Airline companies with online check-in options include American Airlines, Air Canada, Air Transat, British Airways, Canadian North, Delta, KLM, Northwest Airlines, United, US Airways and WestJet.

Passengers on flights from Calgary Airport are subject to an Airport Improvement Fee, or AIF, which is now approximately $25.00. The fees will be charged when airline tickets are purchased from airline companies or their agents. The fees do not apply to passengers who are connecting through Calgary Airport, or for children under the age of two who are travelling for free. The AIF is dedicated to improvements and the expansion of the airport, necessary to equip the airport with facilities for increased passenger traffic. A new International Terminal is scheduled to be built at Calgary Airport in the near future, and a new runway is currently under construction. It will be the longest runway at any airport in Canada, and therefore capable of handling aircraft of all sizes.

Several top quality airport lounges are available to passengers on Calgary Airport departure flights. They include the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge in Concourse A (Gates 11 – 19), the Servisair Chinook Lounge for all passengers departing from Concourse D and the Servisair Rocky Mountain Lounge in Concourse C, for U.S. departures. The lounges offer comfortable seating, complimentary light snacks and beverages, newspapers and magazines, televisions, conference rooms and various business equipment and services. Further facilities at Calgary Airport include luggage wrap services, wireless internet access, currency exchange services on the departures level, full service bank machines, a medical clinic and Flippers Arcades, equipped with the latest video games and pinball machines. A wide range of shopping and dining opportunities are available as well. The entire airport complex is accessible to passengers with reduced mobility. Assistance at the airport is provided by staff at information counters and by White Hat volunteers, who circulate the terminal.

Live Calgary Airport departure schedules can be found online, and the airport can be contacted for information at 403 735 1200. A toll-free number for the airport is 1 877 254 7427.