Low Cost Ottawa Macdonald Cartier Airport Parking

Ottawa International Airport is an important airport in the Ontario province of Canada, and for a number of years, it has handled over four million passengers per annum. In 2011, its passenger traffic exceeded 4.5 million. The airport is named after John A. Macdonald and George-Etienne Cartier, and is therefore known as the Macdonald-Cartier International Airport. It is also recognised by its IATA code of YOW. Ottawa International Airport parking is available for passengers arriving in their own vehicles, and there are short-term parking areas and long-term parking options nearby the terminal building. Ottawa Airport parking is also reasonably priced.

The airport is located approximately 10.2km, or 6.3 miles south of downtown Ontario, in the Riverside South area. Motorists travelling to the airport from Ottawa city will generally find the trip to take between twenty minutes and half an hour, depending on traffic conditions. The airport is also nearby Blossom Park and the Hylands Golf Club, and can be accessed from a number of roads. The Airport Parkway is the road leading up to the terminal buildings, and can be reached from Bronson Avenue and the Hunt Club Road. Bronson Avenue comes from the city centre of Ottawa, and is linked to the Trans-Canada Highway (or the Queensway 417 Highway), while Hunt Club Road provides access from areas west of the airport. Walkley Drive is another road that is used for airport access, from areas east of the city. River Road and the Prince of Wales Drive are roads to the south of the airport grounds.

Once passengers have arrived at the airport, parking can found in two areas. There is the Parkade building nearby the terminal, and the Long-Term/Overheight parking lot a little further away. There are parking options for disabled passengers, parking services for frequent flyers and curb-side parking options in front of the terminal building.

Short-term and Parkade

Motorists who would prefer not to park in one of the car parks, can drop off their departing passengers in front of the terminal building. This is not a parking area, and vehicles may not be left unattended here, however, vehicles may stop for a minute or two to offload passengers and baggage. The driver of the vehicle is recommended to remain in the vehicle. Alternatively, the Parkade can be used for free for the first fifteen minutes of parking. Simply exit the area within fifteen minutes to avoid any charges. Arriving passengers to be collected should already be waiting at curb-side, as motorists may not park and wait for passengers in front of the terminal.

The Parkade is Ottawa International Airport’s main parking area, and offers around 3,000 parking spaces. It is an undercover area, with a number of levels, and most areas are just a two minute walk from the terminal building. The Parkade is also considered as a secure parking lot. The daily maximum parking rate charged for the Parkade is $19.00. There is no weekly maximum - $19.00 will be charged per day of parking. Keep in mind that there is a height limit to this parking lot, of 2.25 metres.

Frequent flyers who often use the airport parking lots can benefit from the BizPark service. This service allows hassle-free parking at any time, and also provides easy access to the passenger’s terminal and departure gate. Passengers who are members of the BizPark program will have their credit cards automatically billed each time the Parkade is used. Further details regarding this service are available at the Parking Administration office, at 613-248-2000, ext. 1135. Applications are also available online.

Long-term Parking Lot

The Long-term car park of Ottawa Airport is located a little further from the terminal, but is still within easy walking distance of the airport facilities. A shuttle bus is therefore not provided. The parking area is approximately a seven minute walk from the passenger terminal, and it has about 500 spaces available. It offers cheaper parking rates than the Parkade, and is therefore more ideal for passengers who will be leaving their vehicles at the airport for longer periods. The Long-term car park is also suitable for larger/taller vehicles, as it has no height restriction. It is an uncovered parking area. Each day of parking in the Long-term area will be charged at $14.00, and the weekly maximum amount charged is $65.00.

Parking for disabled passengers

Passengers with disabilities can choose to park in any of the car parks at Ottawa Airport. There are specially reserved spaces on all levels of the Parkade, and in the Long-term car park. Passengers who are in possession of a parking permit may also use the specifically allocated spaces on the arrivals and departure curbs at the terminal building. Vehicles may be parked here for a maximum time of twenty minutes. Passengers who do not have a permit should make prior arrangements with the Parking Administration office at 613-248-2000 ext. 1197, ext. 1135 or ext. 2.

Passengers should pay for their period of parking only when they are ready to leave the airport grounds, and will find automatic payment kiosks at various convenient locations in the terminal. Passengers may use cash or a credit card at the machines. The credit cards accepted include American Express, Mastercard, Visa and Diners Club/enRoute.

Details regarding Ottawa International Airport parking can be obtained from the Parking Administration office, at the telephone numbers mentioned above.