Buses to and from Ottawa Airport (YOW)

Ottawa International Airport is an airport in the Ontario region of Canada, and is rated as the sixth largest in the country. It is otherwise known as the Macdonald-Cartier International Airport, and has the official code of YOW. It is extremely well equipped with facilities for its passengers, and has won numerous awards for its excellent services. The airport offers flights by many airline companies as well, to and from a wide variety of destinations. Ottawa International Airport buses provide transport for arriving and departing passengers, and are generally a very convenient way to travel. Airport buses are also often the cheapest form of ground transport available.

Ottawa International Airport received a new terminal building in 2003, which handles domestic and international flights. Within the terminal are airport lounges, automatic bank tellers, meeting rooms, currency exchange services, an observation area and a chapel. Passengers can also store luggage items at the airport, and find out more information regarding travel and tourism. The new terminal replaced the older terminal of the airport, which was demolished in 2008. Currently, just over 4.5 million passengers use Ottawa Airport every year, but the terminal is large enough for the greater number of passengers expected in future years. At the terminal, and just outside the arrival areas, airport buses are available for the transport of arriving passengers. Ottawa International Airport buses are also available to take departing passengers to the airport.

Ottawa International Airport Buses

The public transit system of Ottawa city is operated by OC Transpo, and their services include buses and the O-Train light rail system. The city is also equipped with a dedicated Transitway that is unaffected by other forms of traffic, and is therefore a quick and convenient way to travel. The Transitway runs from one end of Ottawa city to the other, and is only open for use by emergency vehicles and OC Transpo vehicles. OC Transpo is also the company that provides the Ottawa Airport buses, for the transport of passengers from the airport into the city, and in the alternative direction as well.

The OC Bus Route 97 is the airport bus, and it is available from outside the terminal arrival area at pillar 14. The buses are frequently available, and take passengers to the downtown area of Ottawa. It makes use of the dedicated Transitway, and since the airport is just 10.2km, or 6.3 miles from the city, the buses are a quick form of transport. The airport buses also provide connections to the O-Train stations of Ottawa, and to other bus stations, for further bus connections. At present, there is no train station at the airport, and no future plans to include a direct link at the airport to the city’s light rail system.

Bus tickets for the buses from the airport can be purchased at the Ground Transportation Desk on Level one of the terminal building. The desk is found at the central door of the arrivals area. Various types of tickets are available for the buses in Ottawa, but passengers should be aware that only the purple OC Transpo tickets for $1.30 are now accepted. The old blue tickets that used to be purchased for $1.25 are no longer in use, but can still be exchanged for the correct ticket at one of the OC Transpo Sales Centres. Single bus tickets can be purchased for $1.30, and packs of six tickets can be purchased for $7.80. Persons who plan to travel on the buses more frequently during the day can purchase a Day Pass, which provides unlimited travel on the buses. The Day Pass must be purchased on the day of travel from the bus driver, and will cost $7.50. Day Passes are also a very inexpensive way for families to travel on weekends and statutory holidays, as two adults and up to four children (under the age of twelve) can use a single Day Pass ticket. The correct change will be needed when purchasing tickets from the bus drivers, as they are unable to provide change. There are also separate tickets used for the buses and the O-Trains. Bus tickets are not accepted on O-Trains.

Disabled passengers arriving at Ottawa International Airport have options for transport as well. The airport buses can be used, as they are all of the newer variety, with low-floors. In addition to the conventional airport and city buses, Para Transpo provides a door-to-door transportation service for disabled passengers. In particular to those who are unable to use the conventional bus services due to disability. The contact details for Para Transpo are as follows: Information: 613-244-4636, reservations: 613-244-7272. Website: http://www.octranspo.com. This is the website to use for information regarding the usual buses as well, including the airport bus services. A Priority Patient Transfer Service is also available, with further details at http://www.ppts.ca, or the company can be contacted at 613-727-0168

Although taxis are available at Ottawa International Airport, buses are often the preferred way to travel, as they are less expensive. A bus ticket will cost a just a few dollars or even less, but a taxi will be at least $29.00 for a trip to downtown Ottawa. For information regarding the airport buses contact OC Transpo at 613-741-4390, or visit their website at http://www.octranspo.com.