Low Cost Victoria Airport Parking

Victoria International Airport is found in Canada, but not on the mainland. It is on the Saanich Peninsula, approximately 22km, or 14 miles from the city of Victoria. The airport is also part of the Canadian province of British Columbia. Since that Victoria Airport is nearby to Sidney, it can be referred to as the Sidney Airport, and it has been allocated the official airport code of YYJ. Victoria International Airport parking is available for passengers arriving in their own vehicles, and is convenient for short-term and long-term parking periods. The airport’s parking grounds are also considered to be reasonably priced.

Victoria International Airport can easily be reached by road, as it is a short distance from the Patricia Bay Highway, or the Highway 17. The Patricia Bay Highway leads from downtown Victoria in a northerly direction past Swan Lake, Beaver Lake and Elk Lake, and has a new interchange linking it to McTavish Road, one of the main access roads of the airport. From McTavish Road, motorists will take E Saanich Road or Cresswell Road to Willingdon Road, and then follow the signs to the airport terminal. Motorists could also turn off the highway onto Canora Road and follow Willingdon Road to the airport. At Victoria, the Highway 17 is linked to the Trans Canada Highway 1, which can be taken from further areas such as Nanaimo and Duncan. Another large road nearby the airport is the W Saanich Road to the west. Victoria International Airport is about a twenty minute drive from downtown Victoria out of peak traffic hours, and about a forty minute drive in peak hours.

Victoria International Airport Parking – Short-term

At most Canadian airports, including Victoria International Airport, motorists may drop off departing passengers outside of the airport terminal. The road past the terminal, however, is not intended for parking of lengthy periods – vehicles may only stop here for a minute or two to offload their passengers and baggage. The driver of the vehicle should remain behind the wheel, and a third person should accompany the passenger should assistance be required. There are also sometimes special parking spaces in front of the terminal building for drivers transporting disabled passengers. Similar rules apply to motorists collecting arriving passengers at the airport. vehicles may stop outside the terminal building if the passenger is already waiting at curb-side. The short-term parking area can be used if the driver needs to wait a few minutes for his/her friends or family members, or if he/she would like to wait inside the terminal building.

The short-term parking area of Victoria International Airport is intended to be used by motorists who will be staying for only two hours or less. Two hours is therefore the maximum amount of time for which the vehicle may be parked, and the charge for this time is $1.00. Visitors of the airport who have spent $10.00 or more at one of the food outlets in the terminal may have $1.00 taken off their bill if they present their parking receipt. Payment for short-term parking is made at the entrance to the parking lot.

Victoria International Airport Parking – Long-term

Victoria International Airport has an area dedicated to daily or long-term parking stays. This area is not recommended for short stay, as it costs $1.00 per half an hour. The maximum per day (for the first five days) charged for parking in the long-term car park is $15.00, and the maximum charge applicable for the following days is $7.50 per day. These prices are considered as quite reasonable for an airport parking lot, and may be used by any passenger or visitor of Victoria Airport.

Victoria International Airport Parking – Overflow and disabled parking spaces

If the regular parking lots at Victoria International Airport are full there are overflow lots available. Parking Attendants at the entrance to the daily/long term lot will direct motorists to the overflow parking lots. The overflow parking lots ensure that there are always plenty of parking spaces at Victoria Airport.

The single terminal building of the airport is completely accessible to disabled passengers, as there are elevators, pavement ramps and suitable restroom facilities available. The airport car parks are also equipped for disabled drivers/passengers, as there are dedicated spaces available in the short-term and long-term car parks. These spaces are specially located as nearby to the terminal’s entrances and exits as possible.

An additional facility in the short-term car park is the bicycle assembly station, that includes a work bench, air pump, bicycle parking and a storage shed with cardboard bicycle boxes. There are four bicycle storage lockers available for $2.00 per day. A new bike and walking trail will also soon be completed for airport passengers and visitors. 80% of the path will be completed in 2012, and the rest should be completed in 2013.

Further details regarding Victoria International Airport parking is available at the information desks in the terminal building, or the Red Coat Airport Ambassadors could be of assistance. They are easily recognised by their bright red blazers. The Red Coat Information Desk can be contacted at (250) 953-7533.