Victoria Airport Taxis (YYJ)

Victoria International Airport is quite a large airport in the country of Canada, handling around 1.5 million passengers per year. It is regarded as the ninth busiest in the country, and as the second busiest for passenger traffic in the province of British Columbia. The airport is known by its IATA code of YYJ, and is often called the Sidney Airport, due to its location in the area of Sidney. The city of Victoria is about 22km south of the airport. Arriving passengers can travel to all nearby destinations by the Victoria International Airport taxis. The airport taxis are available twenty-four hours a day, and are a convenient way to reach any nearby town or city.

Victoria Airport is extremely well equipped for its departing and arriving passengers, and has a single terminal building for all passenger facilities. The airport is not very large, and is therefore quite easy to find your way around. Once passengers have arrived they will collect their luggage from one of two baggage reclaim carousels if on a domestic flight, or from the baggage reclaim carousel dedicated to foreign arrivals if on an international flight. The arrivals area of the airport is nearby to the car rental companies, as well as all the options for ground transportation, which include the Victoria International Airport taxis. The airport taxis are found just outside of the airport terminal building, and are generally available at all hours, especially when arrival flights are due at the airport.

An advanced reservation is therefore not required when in need of a taxi from Victoria Airport, however, should you be arriving on an early morning flight, it may be wise to call the airport taxi company to ensure that a vehicle will be waiting. The Yellow Cab of Victoria is the taxi company that serves the airport, and they are a highly reputable company offering transport services in high quality vehicles. Yellow Cab has a fleet of 93 vehicles, and is considered as the largest provider of taxi services in Victoria. They also offer a wide range of vehicle types and services, therefore meeting the needs of all their customers. For an advanced reservation, Yellow Cab of Victoria can be contacted at the following details: 250-381-2222 or 1-800-808-6881. The 800 number is toll-free. The company has a fax number as well (250-381-2227), and an email address that can be used for enquiries is

Vehicles available for transport by Yellow Cab at Victoria International Airport include usual four or five passenger cars, and vans which are accessible to disabled passengers in wheelchairs. The wheelchair accessible vans have a low ramp and an area where the wheelchair will be secured inside the vehicle. There will also be room for an additional four passengers, which means that family or friends can ride along too. The company has the largest Special-Needs fleet in Victoria, with eight Special-Needs wheelchair accessible vans. If a special car is required from Victoria International Airport, an advanced reservation is recommended, especially during holiday times or when special events are taking place in the area. A taxi that is equipped for wheelchair access will cost the same as a regular taxi.

Although an airport taxi is often more expensive than the public bus services available, many passengers find them to be a very convenient way to reach a following destination, as they will be taken to the doorstep of their hotel, place of residence or business location. A taxi is also a good way to travel to the airport from all nearby areas, and will drop off passengers outside of the departure area of the terminal. The airport of Victoria is located about 22km, or 14 miles from the city of Victoria, and therefore a taxi journey to the downtown area will cost about $56.00. The price will include HST, the Canadian Harmonized Sales Tax, which can be refunded at the border by non-Canadian residents if the necessary paperwork is completed. Further details regarding refunds can be obtained at the Customs Office of the airport.

The Yellow Cab of Victoria will charge $3.40 as a flag rate for the start of the journey (for the first 50.83 metres of travel), and thereafter, $1.97 for each additional kilometre travelled. A $42.38 charge will be applicable for stopping or waiting times per hour. Taxis in all Canadian cities are generally operated by meters, which means that the cost of the customer’s journey will be calculated per kilometre travelled. The customer is able to see the meter in the vehicle, and should ensure that it is turned on and in working condition.

Popular journeys from Victoria International Airport and their approximate taxi fares include those to Oak Bay ($60.00), CFB Esquimalt ($56.00), Town and Country ($48.00), Ten Mile Point ($61.00), Broadmead ($40.00), Swartz Bay ($23.00), View Royal ($52.00), Sidney ($13.00) and Colwood/Langford ($53.00 - $65.00). A journey from the airport to the Fairmont Empress Hotel will cost $58.00, which is approximately $11.00 per person for five passengers sharing the taxi.

Taxis are also readily available in the city of Victoria, and trips are often taken to Brentwood Bay, Mill Bay, Malahat Lookout, Pearson College, Chemainus, Duncan, Ladysmith and Nanaimo. A taxi to Vancouver, including the cost of the ferry, will be $470.00. Passengers who need further information regarding the Victoria International Airport taxis can make enquiries at the information counters within the airport, or contact the airport at (250) 953-7533. Red Coat volunteers are available in the airport for the assistance of passengers as well.