Low Cost Montreal Airport Parking

Montreal-Trudeau International Airport is located approximately 20km from down Montreal, and is a large Canadian airport handling just over thirteen million passengers per annum. It is rated as the third busiest in the country for passenger traffic, and is a hub for the large airline company of Air Canada. The airport has the IATA code of YUL, and is officially named as the Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. Passengers can drive their own vehicles to the airport, as there are plenty of parking options available. The Montreal-Trudeau Airport parking lots are reasonably priced, and suitable for short or long-term stays at the airport.

Montreal-Trudeau Airport has three concourses for various passenger operations, and since its latest expansion can handle up to fifteen million passengers per year. Previously, the airport’s capacity was only seven million, and it was already handling many more. The recent upgrades to the airport facilities included a new international arrival hall, a new customs hall and a new baggage reclaim area for international passengers. In 2009 the airport’s hotel was also completed, featuring 279 first-class rooms, a fitness centre, indoor swimming pool and a business centre. A new parking garage was built for the airport as well in recent years, creating many additional parking spaces for passengers arriving in their own vehicles.

Travelling to Montreal Airport is quite simple, as a number of prominent highways are available and the airport is clearly signposted. From downtown Montreal the Highway 720 to the south can be taken. It leads to Highway 20, or the Autoroute du Souvenir, one of the airport’s main access roads. Highway 40, or the Trans-Canada Highway can be used from the north, for a connection to the Highway 520 (Autoroute Côte-de-Liesse) and the airport. Highway 13 is a route that can be used from western areas of the city, and Highway 15 leads from areas far south of the airport. Once nearing the airport grounds, take note of the signposts that lead to the terminals and the various parking areas. It is also recommended to be familiar with the parking options before arriving at the airport, and to have decided which will be most suitable in advance.

Montreal-Trudeau Airport Parking – Short-term

Motorists who wish to drop-off departing passengers can do so in front of the terminal building, however, this areas cannot be used for lengthy stays of parking, only for a few minutes to offload passengers and their luggage items. The driver of the vehicle should remain seated, and not leave the car unattended for any reason. Similar rules apply when a motorist is coming to collect arriving passengers. The passengers should already be waiting at curb-side, as a vehicle may not park and wait in front of the terminal.

The short-term parking area of the airport can be found on the ground level of the multi-level parking garage, and is within easy walking distance of the terminal and check-in areas. It is ideal for meeting or dropping-off passengers, and will cost $4.00 per twenty minutes of parking, or $45.00 per day of parking. This area is known as the Expressparc, and is not intended for long-term parking, as the rates are quite expensive. Another parking area nearby to the terminal is the Hotelparc, found just below the U.S. check-in area. It is a heated car park, and has a convenient walkway into the terminal. The rates for parking here are $6.00 per thirty minutes or $24.00 per day. Passengers who use the airport on a regular basis can pay monthly for parking in this area. 250 indoor and heated spaces are available for $335.00 per month (not including taxes). The offer is only valid on a twelve-month contract. The spaces available are underneath the new Marriott Hotel of the airport.

Passengers of Montreal-Trudeau Airport can take advantage of valet parking options as well, which will cost about $30.00 per day. Valet service is available twenty-four hours a day, and no reservation is required. Passengers will be able to hand over their vehicle at the terminal, nearby to their check-in areas. Valet parking is convenient for passengers who are in a hurry for their flight, or for those who simple prefer to avoid the hassles of finding a suitable parking space.

Airport Parking – Long-term

The nearest suitable medium to long-term parking lot at Montreal Airport is in the parking garage, in front of the terminal. The three levels are referred to as the Proxiparc, and spaces here are available for $6.00 per half an hour or $20.00 per day. There are also two long-term parking areas available at the airport, which are suitable for passengers who will be away for a few days or weeks. The Interparc and the Econoparc have free shuttles that provide transport for passengers, as they are located at some distance from the terminal buildings. The shuttles run twenty-four hours a day, and are available at convenient locations at the terminal and the parking areas. The Interparc area will cost $20.00 per day or $77.00 per week of parking, and the Econoparc will cost just $15.00 per day or $77.00 per week as well. Promotions could be available at the Econoparc and Interparc, such as park for one week and receive the eighth day of parking free of charge. Discounts could be available for passengers who have booked a package with Air Transat, Nolitours or Transat Holidays.

Disabled passengers will find reserved spaces for their convenience in the Expressparc and Proxiparc areas. At the Expressparc, three areas are available at the domestic flight zone and six are available at the international flight zone, while a few spaces are available on levels one and two of the Proxiparc area.

Passengers can pay for their Montreal-Trudeau Airport parking at one of the automated pay stations in the terminal or at the towers of the elevated parking garage. A credit card or cash may be used. Payments can also be made at the exit barriers of the parking areas, by credit card. Contact the airport at 514 394-7377 or 1-800-465-1213 (toll-free from Canada, Vermont, Albany and New York) for further details regarding options for Montreal-Trudeau Airport parking.