Halifax Tourist Activities

Halifax International Airport is an important airport in the Nova Scotia province of Canada, and serves as a major gateway to the city of Halifax, approximately 35km from the airport. It is also known by its official name of the Halifax Robert L. Stanfield International Airport, and by its airport code of YHZ. The airport is frequented by many tourists, as the region is known for its wide variety of attractions. A number of Halifax attractions bring thousands of tourists every year, but many other towns in the province are popular as well, particularly those found along the coast. Halifax Airport is considered as an excellent arrival point, as it has a Visitor’s Centre for information regarding the attractions of the area, and ground transport options.

The city of Halifax is the Regional Municipality, and covers an urban area of approximately 31 square miles, or 80 square kilometres. It has over 390,000 residents, whom mainly speak Canadian English or Canadian French. In winter, similar to other Canadian cities, the temperatures are cold, with an average January temperature of -2° / 28°F. By July, however, warmer temperatures are expected, averaging around 23° / 73°F. Halifax is famous for its enormous natural harbour, which is one of the largest in the world. The harbour has brought much wealth to the city, since it was founded in 1749. Halifax is also known for its relaxed atmosphere, even though the city centre is busy, and as a modern city, with many up-market residences and hotels. Downtown Halifax hotels are often the most popular, but many hotels are found in the city’s suburbs as well. Several are found along the Bedford Highway, and around Bedford Basin Bay.

The city of Halifax is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, and is therefore a very attractive location. It is also centred on a large peninsula, and the city is divided into several sizeable districts. The harbour district is, of course, one of the most important in the city, and features two impressive suspension bridges, that allow a connection to the nearby city of Dartmouth, just five kilometres from Halifax. The Downtown District is the heart of the city, and where many of the main Halifax attractions can be found. There are also shopping centres here, the Casino Nova Scotia and many lively bars and restaurants. Further districts of the city include the South End District, a very exclusive area of Halifax, the West End District, a residential area, and Bedford, located to the north of central Halifax.

Some of the most popular Halifax attractions include the Discovery Centre, the Halifax Metro Centre, Murphy’s on the Water, Pier 21 and the Spring Garden Road Memorial Public Library. The Discovery Centre is a wonderful outing for the whole family, as it features many scientific and technical displays which are appealing for children of all ages. There are also many interactive attractions, and exhibits which are allowed to be handled. The Discovery Centre is found at 1593 Barrington Street. The Halifax Metro Centre is a sports stadium in downtown Halifax, hosting a wide variety of exciting sporting events. It is also used as a venue for concerts and theatrical events. Murphy’s on the Water is actually the name of a popular boat tour and restaurant operator. The restaurant is found on the waterfront of the harbour, and offers some lovely views, and boats can be arranged for whale-watching activities, fishing trips and sightseeing tours.

The attraction of Pier 21 is found at 1055 Marginal Road, Halifax, and was where one million immigrants entered the country between 1928 and 1971. Tourists come to this site to see the vast variety of items regarding this incident that are on display. The Spring Garden Road Memorial and Public Library is found in Central Halifax, and along Spring Garden Road, and has an extensive collection of books, as well as a variety of magazines and newspapers. There are also computers here for internet access.

The most famous landmarks and monuments in Halifax include the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, the Cathedral of all Saints, HMCS Sackville, the Province House, the St. Mary’s Basilica and St. Paul’s Anglican Church. The Halifax Citadel National Historic Site is one of the most famous aspects of Halifax, and is an impressive fort with an array of exhibits and displays. One of the main features of the attraction is ‘The Tides of History’ audiovisual presentation. This landmark is also considered as an important symbol of Canada, and tourists can enjoy guided tours with tour guides that can provide information about the Halifax Citadel. The St. Mary’s Basilica is one of the oldest Roman Catholic churches in the country, found in downtown Halifax, and St. Paul’s Anglican Church is also one of the oldest in Canada, and is an impressive Georgian building.

A number of popular museums in the city are considered as Halifax attractions as well, and include the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, the Khyber Centre for the Arts, the Fultz House Museum and the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History. There is also a very impressive art Gallery at 1723 Hollis Street, known as the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. International art works can be found here, as well as Nova Scotian and Canadian Art. Art classes and lectures are held at the gallery as well. The Maritime Museum is a particularly fascinating establishment, with information and a variety of interesting displays regarding the marine history of the area. It is the largest maritime museum in Canada. The Natural History Museum of Nova Scotia is another ‘must-see’ of the city’s attractions, and will appeal to visitors of all ages.

The Halifax parks and gardens enjoyed by tourists and locals include the Mcnabs Island, the Halifax Public Gardens and Point Pleasant Park, while attractions nearby the city include Alderney Landing with a theatre, park, art gallery and farmer’s market, Bluenose II which is a replica of the famous schooner Bluenose and the Bedford Institute of Oceanography, a major ocean research centre that holds guided tours and which is fun for the whole family. Fisherman’s Cove and Quaker House are popular attractions nearby Halifax as well.

The Visitor Information Centre at Halifax International Airport is an excellent place to find further details regarding Halifax attractions, or tourists can go to the Tourism Nova Scotia on Lower Water Street, the main tourist information centre of Halifax. There are also tourism centres along Sackville Street and on Upper Wall Street.